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BrutleNET Príkazy a Manuál / Commands & Manual

Info & Technická podpora / Info & Technical Support
Podporované Hry / Supported Games: WarCraft II BNE, Diablo, Diablo II Lord of Destruction

Moderator: BrutleNET Operátori

Sekcia fóra venovaná nášmu BrutleNET ONLINE Hernému serveru, ak chceš navštíviť sekcie jednotlivých podporovaných hier, pre WarCraft II klikni TU, pre Diablo klikni TU a pre Diablo II, Lord of Destruction klikni TU.
Section of forum dedicated to our BrutleNET ONLINE Gameserver, if You want to visit individual sections of our supported games, for WarCraft II click HERE, for Diablo click HERE and for Diablo II, Lord of Destruction click HERE.

Predtým, než sa pripojíš, prečítaj si pravidlá, aby sme sa vyhli nedorozumeniam. Vďaka. Príjemnú zábavu a veľa štastia v hre.
Before u connect, read the rules, to avoid misunderstandings. Thanx. Have fun and good luck in the game.

BrutleNET: Time Zone:-1

BrutleNET Príkazy a Manuál / Commands & Manual

Postby saradsmejem » 26 Sep 2018, 12:48

Príkazy / Commands

whois whereis where

/whois <player> (aliases: /where /whereis)

Displays where a <player> is on the server.

Example: /whois nomad

msg whisper m w

/whisper <player> <message> (aliases: /w /m /msg)

Sends a private <message> to <player>

Example: /whisper nomad How are you doing?

ignore squelch

/squelch <username> (alias: ignore, see also: /unsquelch)

Blocks future messages sent from <username>.

Example: /squelch nomad

unignore unsquelch

/unsquelch <player> (alias: /unignore)

Allows a previously squelched <player> to talk to you normally.

Example: /unsquelch nomad


/away [message]

Displays [message] to users who whisper to you. To disable, use the /away command again with no [message].

Example: /away Eating dinner


/dnd [message]

Prevents all whispers from displaying to your screen. To disable, use the command again with no [message].

Example: /dnd I'm playing a game and don't want to hear whispers.


/who <channel>

Displays a list of users in <channel>

Example: /who Moderated Support

stats astat

/stats [player] [client] (alias: /astat)

Displays a [player]'s Win/Loss record.

Example: /stats nomad

status users

/users [gametag] (alias: /status)

Displays the current number of users connected to the server. Example: /users W3XP


Displays the current server and your local time.
channel join j

/channel <channel> (alias: /join /j)

Moves you to <channel>

Example: /channel Moderated Support


/rejoin (alias: /resign)

Removes your status as the channel Operator.
me emote

/me <message> (alias: /emote)

Displays your name and <message> in a different color.

Example: /emote wants to play a game.


/kick <player>

Kicks <player> from the channel.

Example: /kick nomad


/ban <player> (see also: /unban)

Bans <player> from the channel, and prevents him from returning.

Example: /ban nomad


/unban <player>

Allows a banned <player> to return to the channel.

Example: /unban nomad


/serverban <player> (see also: /unban)

Bans <player> by IP and lock his account

Example: /serverban nomad



Displays where you are on the server.


Displays how long the server has been running.


Displays the version of the server


Displays a list of players who have been banned from the channel

/games [gametag] [difficulty]

Displays a list of online games. Set [difficulty] for Diablo games only (norm|night|hell)

/games all
Displays a list of all games.
/games l[obby]
Displays a list of games in lobby.

channels chs

/channels [gametag] (alias: /chs)

Displays a list of channels.

/channels all
Displays a list of all channels.

connections con

/connections (alis: /con)

Displays a list of connections.

/finger <player>

Displays detailed information about <player>

Example: /finger nomad



Displays a list of all currently logged in administrators.
reply r

/reply <message> (alias: /r)

Replies to the last player who whispered you with <message>.

Example: /r Hi, mate!

announce ann

/announce <message> (alias: /ann)

Announces <message> to everyone.

Example: /ann Hello everyone!


/realmann <message>

Announces <message> to everyone in the current Diablo 2 realm.

Example: /realmann Hello everyone!



Displays the news.
logout quit exit

/logout (alias: /quit /exit)

Disconnects you from the server.

/kill {<username>|#<socket>} [min]

Disconnects <player> from the server and bans the player's IP address for [min] minutes.

Example: /kill nomad 5


/killsession <sessionid> [min]

Disconnects the session from the server and bans the session's IP address for [min] minutes.

Example: /killsession 1 5


/watch <player>

Enables notifications for <player>.

Example: /watch nomad


/unwatch <player>

Disables notifications for <player>.

Example: /unwatch nomad


/watchall [gametag]

Enables notifications for everyone.

Example: /watchall SEXP


/unwatchall [gametag]

Disables notifications for everyone.

Example: /unwatchall SEXP


/gameinfo <gamename>

Displays information about <gamename>.

Example: /gameinfo FS 1v1!!!



Copies current ladder statistics to active ladder statistics.

/ladderinfo <rank> [gametag]

Displays ladder information for <rank> of [gametag]

Example: /ladderinfo 1000 SEXP


/timer <duration> [message]

Displays [message] after <duration> seconds.

Example: /timer 60 one minute has passed


/netinfo [player]

Displays [player]'s network information.

Example: /netinfo nomad


/addacct <player> <password>

Creates a new account named <player> with password <password>.

Example: /addacct nomad password


/chpass [<player>] <password>

Changes [<player>]'s password to <password>. If [<player>] is empty then change password for your account.

Example: /chpass nomad password



Displays your message quota.

/shutdown [duration]

Sets the shutdown sequence at [duration] seconds or cancels it if set to zero.

Example: /shutdown 300

lock lockacct

/lock <player> [hours] [reason] (alias: /lockacct)

Locks <player>'s account to prevent him/her from logging in with it. Set [hours] = 0 to ban permanently.

Example: /lock nomad 0 bye noob!

unlock unlockacct

/unlock <player> (alias: /unlockacct)

Unlocks <player>'s account to allow him/her to log in with it.

Example: /unlock nomad

mute muteacct

/mute <player> [hours] [reason] (alias: /muteacct)

Mutes <player>'s account to prevent him/her from talking on channels. Set [hours] = 0 to mute permanently.

Example: /mute nomad 6 stop spam!

unmute unmuteacct

/unmute <player> (alias: /unmuteacct)

Unmutes <player>'s account to allow him/her to talk on channels.

Example: /unmute nomad

friends f

/friends <command> [options] (alias: /f)

/friends add <username>
Adds <username> to your friends list.
/friends del <username>
Removes <username> from your friends list.
/friends promote <username>
Promotes <username> one line up your friends list.
/friends demote <username>
Demotes <username> one line down your friends list
/friends list
Displays your friends list.
/friends online
Displays your online friends list.
/friends msg <msgtext>
Whisper <msgtext> to all of your online friends.


/mail <command> [options]

/mail s[end] <receiver> <message>
Sends mail to <receiver> with <message>.
/mail r[ead] [index]
Reads mail [index]
/mail del[ete] {all|<index>}
Deletes mail <index> or [all] mail.


/flag <number>

A debug tool for icon flags.

/tag <gamename>

A debug tool for client tags.

/help [command]

Displays help about [command]

Example: /help whisper


/ipban <command> [option] [time]

/ipban l[ist]
Displays a list of banned IP addresses
/ipban c[heck] <IP>
Checks if IP address <IP> is banned or not.
/ipban d[el] <IP|index>
Deletes IP address <IP> or <index>
/ipban a[dd] <IP> [time]
Bans IP address <IP> for [time] minutes. [time] = 0 - permanent ban


/set <account> <key> [value]

Sets or returns the value of <key> for account <account>. Set [value] = null to erase value.

Example: /set nomad BNET\auth\botlogin true
Example: /set nomad Record\SEXP\0_wins 999



Displays the MOTD.

/tos /warranty /license

Displays the Terms of Service.

/admin [+|-]<player>

Promotes/demotes <player> to/from server administrator.

Example: /admin +nomad


/rehash <mode>

Forces the server to reload specified config. Set "all" to reload all configs.
<mode> = all | i18n | channels | realms | autoupdate | news | versioncheck | ipbans | helpfile | banners | tracker | commandgroups | aliasfile | transfile | tournament | icons | anongame | topiclist | lua

/clan <command> [option]

/clan motd <message>
Update the clan's Message of the Day to <message>.
/clan pub[lic] (alias: pub)
Opens the clan channel up to the public so that anyone may enter.
/clan priv[ate] (alias: priv)
Closes the clan channel such that only members of the clan may enter.

ping p latency

/ping (alias: /p /latency)

Displays your ping to the server.
command_groups cg

/command_groups <command> <user> [groups] (alias: /cg)

/cg list <user>
Displays <user>'s command groups.
/cg add <user> <group(s)>
Adds command group(s) <group(s)> to <user>.
/cg del <user> <group(s)>
Deletes command group(s) <group(s)> from <user>.


/operator [+|-]<player> (alias: /op)

Promotes/demotes <player> to/from server operator.

Example: /operator +nomad


/aop <username>

Promotes <username> to channel administrator.

Example: /aop nomad


/op <username>

Promotes <username> to channel operator.

Example: /op nomad


/deop <username>

Demotes <username> from channel administrator or operator.

Example: /deop nomad


/tmpop <username>

Promotes <username> to temporary channel operator.

Example: /tmpop <username>


/vop <username>

Adds <username> to the VOP list.

Example: /vop nomad


/voice <username>

Temporarily gives voice privileges to <username>.

Example: /voice nomad


/devoice <username>

Removes <username> from the VOP list and removes temporary voice privileges.

Example: /devoice nomad


/topic [message]

Sets or displays current channel's topic.

Example: /topic Supported is given in this channel...\n(some text on a new line)



Toggles the current channel's moderated status.

/clearstats <player> <clienttag>

Clears <player>'s <clienttag> statistics, where <clienttag> can be any valid client or ALL for all clients Supported clients: DRTL|DSHR|W2BN|STAR|SEXP|SSHR|WAR3|W3XP

Example: /clearstats nomad SEXP

Aliasy / Aliases

Napíš / Type "//d alias"

%a = number of registered accounts on the server
%c = number of currently existent channels
%g = total number of currently running games
%G = games of users with same client tag
%h = hostname of the server
%H = contact name (as set in bnetd.conf)
%i = userid of the user
%l = username
%N = name of the game the user has connected with
%m = check user's mail when they login
%r = IP of the user
%t = client tag of the user
%u = number of users currently logged in
%U = users logged in with the same client tag
%v = server version
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